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Rocks campfire set

New release from GOOSE – Rocks campfire set @Cosmopolitan

Other Decor

[ kunst ] – Wooden crate & pumpkins

HPMD  Shrub02

hive // fall pumpkin

+Half-Deer+  Fallen Leaves – Autumn – Ground

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Harvest time

Other Decor

New release from  GOOSE – Harvest time (Gacha) @Cosmopolitan

Scary pumpkins also from GOOSE @Shiny Shabby

Other Decor

HPMD  WildGrasses

HPMD Shrubs

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Blueprint Event #3

New releases for the Blueprint Event

by Chiana Oh – Umbrella Ducky Pond

.:Tm:.Creation – [MyLife] Wood Pier

GOOSE – Willow tree bench

Other Decor

Skye Windswept Tree

Heart – Water lilies – Nymphaea Nouchali

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Loretta swing bench & Persimmon Tree

New releases from GOOSE – Loretta swing bench @COSMOPOLITAN

String lights @ GOOSE Mainstore

New release from The Little Branch – Persimmon Tree {Animated} 4Seasons

Other Decor

HPMD  WildGrasses

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Shower Together

New release from GOOSE – Shower Together @COSMOPOLITAN


*alirium* DwarfForest

HPMD  WildGrasses

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Coronado Pavilion

New release from GOOSE – Coronado Pavilion @COSMOPOLITAN

Sweet ChestNut tree (4 Seasons , Animated) from The Little Branch

Available at Little Branch Cosmopolitan Store.
-50% Discount till next Sunday.

Other Decor

The Loft & ARIA – Scalloped Tray

Hive // areca palm plant

Ariskea [Charm] Vintage Lantern + Aster Yellow Pots [Blue] @Uber

 Chez Moi – Comfort & Joy – Wooden Fall Couch + Table

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Nimesis park bench

New release from GOOSE – Nimesis park bench @COSMOPOLITAN

Other Decor

Apple Fall – Gatekeepers’ Lodge RARE

8f8 – unexpected Journey – The Middle of Nowhere SIGN

8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Fence

8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Cane Stand

Ex Machina – Soho Street Wall Clock

MadPea Amusement Park Queue Pavilion

Nutmeg Old Tricycle Black

DRD – AE – Arcade Express – Engine – RARE

Never Totally Dead – Le Tunnel

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Candy retro chairs

New release from GOOSE – Candy retro chairs @COSMOPOLITAN

The chairs comes with a 90 seconds Bento animation sequence (For both female & male)


Other Decor

The Loft & ARIA – Attwell Coffee Table,  Attwell Tea Light Holder & Attwell Potted Paper

tarte. – ficus elastica


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Summer deck

New release from GOOSE – Summer deck terras @COSMOPOLITAN

Other Decor

DRD – Boho Fish Shack @Uber

HeadHunter’s Island – Buoy A – damaged

PILOT  – Beach Picnic [Industrial]

[sf] beachcomber canoe – rustic

Nerenzo Lounger & Table “Corfu”

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The garden wine bar

New release from GOOSE – The garden wine bar @The Arcade

This is a gacha set, and it contains 14 common and 2 rare items to collect.

Other Decor

8f8 – Toscana

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