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Gingerbread House

New release from Never Totally Dead  – Gingerbread House

Other Decor

Chez Moi :

Old Winter Mail Car

Tree Sled Rezzer

Christmas Farm Tree Sign

Pines from Heart

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Marlborough’s tower & dairy

Exclusive release from Never Totally Dead – Marlborough’s tower & dairy @COSMOPOLITAN

Other Decor

Hive trawler boat

The Little Branch – Scots Pine {Animated} 4-Seasons

HPMD  WildGrasses

Heart  – Wild Flowers – Quenn Ann’s Lace

HPMD  Shrub02

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Magic coffee break

New release from Never Totally Dead – Coffee Time gacha set @The Chapter Four

(Event starts October the 4th)

New release from JB – Simone Top @Uber

Stacey Jeans @FAMESHED 

New poses from shi.s.poses – Magic #1 @TLC 


Body:  Maitreya – Lara

Head: Catwa – Catya

Skin: amara beauty – Vicky

Hair: Stealthic – Passion

Eudora3D Ada Heels @Uber

Other Decor

{anc} NO LIMITS // flock of doves [egg-yellow]

RageWorks – Pier

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The Workshop

New release from Never Totally Dead – The Workshop – Gacha Set @The Chapter Four

( Opening September the 4th)


The Umbrella Thorn tree from The Little Branch  –  @Cosmopolitan shopping town in the Satellite Store

(50% off for a few days)

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The Float House

New release from Never Totally Dead – The Float House @COSMOPOLITAN

(From the 26th of August)

Other Decor

Hive trawler boat

Hive  gone fishin clutter

3D Trees – swamp cypress

Hayabusa Design Random Field of Grass

TLC Red-crowned Crane



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Poplar tree

Poplar tree (Animated and 4-seasons) from The Little Branch

Other Decor

Never Totally Dead  – Le Pont Miroux

Never Totally Dead  – Valpennac 1705

Violetility – Moss

Heart – Harmony Wild Dandelions


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Nimesis park bench

New release from GOOSE – Nimesis park bench @COSMOPOLITAN

Other Decor

Apple Fall – Gatekeepers’ Lodge RARE

8f8 – unexpected Journey – The Middle of Nowhere SIGN

8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Fence

8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Cane Stand

Ex Machina – Soho Street Wall Clock

MadPea Amusement Park Queue Pavilion

Nutmeg Old Tricycle Black

DRD – AE – Arcade Express – Engine – RARE

Never Totally Dead – Le Tunnel

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A Walk in Provence

New release from Never Totally Dead  – A Walk in Provence (Gacha) for The Chapter Four

New release from The Little Branch – Swamp Oak Tree (Animated, 4seasons)

Other Decor

Skye – Wild Grass



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Tchiki Boom Bar

New release from Never Totally Dead – The Tchiki Boom Bar @RLD

(July Round – Opens July the 15th)

Other Decor

8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – Old armchair, Stairway to Knowledge, Grand Cabinet, Single Bookcase Full + Empty, Old Rugs.




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