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Elm Tree

New release from The Little Branch – Elm Tree {Animated}4Seasons @Limit8

Other Decor

DRD – The Stranded Pack Rat

DRD – The Pack Rat – Floral – Static Car

[we’re CLOSED] old bridge

[we’re CLOSED] rope fence

Botanical – Decorative Light Set

[ keke ] back yard fence painted

*alirium* DwarfForest

DaD Slide projector screen light white

DaD Summertime Cushion

DaD Vintage Film Projector

DaD Wood Crate down

oyasumi / telephone poles

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White Ash Tree

New release from The Little Branch – White Ash Tree (Animated – 4Seasons) @Limit8

Other Decor

Soy. A Rock

Soy. – Old Ferris wheel car

Hive trawler boat at sea

Skye Alligator Apple Bush

.:revival:. hammock

[we’re CLOSED] dry weed


Las Islas – Naimesh Palm


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New release from Chez Moi – Haven TreeHouse @Cosmopolitan

New releases from The Little Branch

BitterNut Tree @Limit8

WhiteAsh Tree @Uber

Other decor

HPMD  WildGrasses

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Camping Chair + Bag

New release from  Chez Moi – Camping Chair + Bag @Limit8

( Open Date: October 18th | End Date: November 13th )


Body:  Maitreya – Lara

Head: Catwa – Catya

Skin: amara beauty – Vicky

Hair: TRUTH – Daphne

RKKN. Blair’s Outfit @ The Epiphany



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Illuminate June & Little Branch

New releases for the Illuminate Event (June round)

Kiwibo – Soleil Chair & Soleil Table

::KKs:: –  j’attendais ton retour – gueridon & pichet

MudHoney – Blaire Hanging Chair

New release from The Little Branch @Limit8

Spring Blossoms Tree {Animated}*4Seasons

Other Decor

Dust Bunny – snake plant & darling hanging plant

Apple Fall – Roses Box, Enamel Teapot , Neva’s Fresh Apple Pie & Times Newspaper

Hive – waterside shack w/ dock

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Katsura Tree

New relese from The Little Branch – Katsura Tree @Limit8

(Animated- 4Seasons)

Other Decor

Savannah by Galland Homes

Grass field, dry,  from We’re Closed

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Sheppart Caravan

New releases from The Little Branch  & Chez Moi

The Little Branch

HazelNut Tree (4  season) @Sense Event

Chez Moi

Sheppart Caravan @Whimsical (Open Date: 18th February)

Hanging Chair @Limit8 (Open Date: 18th February)

Other decor

Grass field, dry,  from We’re Closed

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Rusty Swing Lift

New release from Chez Moi  – Rusty Swing Lift & North Pole sign

Exclusive for the Limit 8 event

(November 18th – December 13th)

Please click here for more info


Body:  Maitreya – Lara

Head: Catwa – Catya

Skin: YS&YS –  Jude  @The Chapter Four 

Hair: Stealthic – Paradox

Blueberry – Grace Pants – With Boots

Gawk! – Rose Knit Pullover – Winter Edition


Hair: Stealthic – Rebellion

DEADWOOL Broberry jeans

DEADWOOL Ulrich boots

DEADWOOL  Admiral pea coat

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Enjoy this moment

Double Adirondack Chair from CHEZ MOI  @Limit8

(July 18th – August 13th)

56 animations in PG version and 106 animations in Adult version.

Windshield is also from CHEZ MOI 

For more info, click here

Pose – Enjoy this moment – Exclusive @XXX Event

(July 15th – August 5th)


Body:  Maitreya – Lara

Head: Catwa – Catya

Skin: Glam Affair – Kibi Applier ( Catwa  ) @The Crystal Heart event


Blueberry –  Adrianna – Bikini @C88

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